Additional information regarding Covid exposure

    Stingray Families,

    This will hopefully be our last notice because I’m sure you are tired of hearing from the Board.

    We had a call this morning with Austin Public Health (APH) and we would like to share with you the information that they have approved for us to share.
    • When an individual tests positive for COVID-19, Austin Public Health engages with them on contact tracing. This is not something that needed to be initiated by the Stingray Board, but we've notified them regardless.
    • APH has provided guidance on the privacy requirements of the Board. After discussing with APH, the Board can confirm that the exposure came from the coaching staff, and as a result, all age groups were exposed. We will not release any other information on the persons based on APH guidelines.
    • APH has provided information regarding the variant as more contagious and they are recommending that exposure at less than five minutes monitor/quarantine. If within 3-5 days symptoms occur, APH recommends being tested.
    • APH provided that CVS and Walgreens are testing with insurance. If no insurance is available, APH has set up at Dove Springs (5901 Ainez Drive) and is open Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
    Again, we know that this is not how any of us wanted to end our swim season. Going forward from here, the Board will ask that all further questions or comments regarding this exposure be posed to Austin Public Health. They can be reached at the information below. We want you all to know that we did everything within our control to manage the safety and health of this community during our season. It was literally our top priority as we care about your children above all else.
    Wishing good health for all,

    Steve G. Hinojosa

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