Stingray swim team exposure to COVID-19

    Dear Stingray families,

    It is with a heavy heart that the Board reaches out to you tonight. You will find information in the attached letter detailing our Stingray swim team exposure to COVID-19. Due to privacy requirements, we cannot release the names of the individuals or details that may identify them. In an effort to keep everyone healthy and safe, we have canceled all Stingray-related functions for the remainder of the season. This will include practice, meets, and the Award Ceremony Dinner.

    Let us take this opportunity to thank the entire Stingray community for a wonderful season. While it is not ending exactly how we would like, we did see the best in all of us and our kids after a really long time away from one another. Your Board cannot wait for our 2022 swim season.



    Steve G. Hinojosa

    Stingray Board President


    Melinda Ferguson

    Stingray Board Vice-President

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