Annual Dinner and Award Ceremony

    Mighty Stingray Families!

    Our annual carb-up dinner and award ceremony are being combined this year into one fantastic event celebrating this unique swim season. It will be held on July 26th at the Shady Hollow Community Center starting at 6:00 pm. We will sell food and concessions, hand out awards, and have a slideshow along with all of our normal traditions for both events.

    This event will be outdoors, and picnic-style so bring chairs or a blanket for you and your family to sit on. We will sell pizza(cheese and pepperoni pizza), concessions, and drinks but you are free to bring your own dinner and drinks if you would like. Food will be served starting at 6:00 and we will start the event as soon as most are fed. Other highlights of the evening will include Coach and Sponsor recognition, award presentation to swimmers, coach's skit/dance party, and as usual, we will end with the slideshow from the season.

    From the entire Stingray Board of Directors, we hope you have enjoyed this swim season as much as we have. We are all so thankful to this community for coming together to support the Stingray swimmers this season and we are thrilled to be able to host one last party to celebrate! The entire Stingray Board hopes to see all of you there!


    Melinda Ferguson and Trisha Elizondo

    Event Co-Chairman 512.627.9858 (M) | 303.434.2686 (T)

    Steve Hinojosa – President

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