Update on this weekends meet against Belterra

    Dear Stingray parents, 

    It is come to our attention that Covid numbers are starting to rise. Due to this we will be splitting this weekends meet into two sessions. 10 and under will be in session one and 11 and up will be in session two. As much as we would like for all the kids to be together safety is our number one concern. We have asked our visiting team to understand our Covid protocols and to work with us to make this as safe as possible.

    We also understand this will effect our volunteers. If you volunteered and need to change your position remove your choice in the Job sign up. Then select a new job. Volunteer jobs will be changing a lot during this time so if you don’t see your top choice check back in later (maybe this evening) but please make sure you do select a volunteer spot for this meet.

    If you have questions about volunteering please contact Angela Hughes at angelnear01@gmail.com More information about session times will be sent out as soon as get the meet split.

    -Steve G. Hinojosa 

    Stingray President

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