Pool Gate " Keep Closed" during practice

    Stingray Parents,

    This is just a reminder that the pool gate must remain shut during practice times. We have had some issues with the gate being propped open or just open all the way. Any stranger can walk into the pool if the gate is open. A child can run out the gate and into the parking lot where cars are coming and going dropping off and picking up kids. Not to mention a small child could walk in and drown. It's also state code. So for everyone's safety please keep the pool gate shut at all times. Parents please feel free to use the table and chairs near the gate as you watch your kids at practice. Sit in the shade. Be a gate keeper. 

    Sec. 757.004. GATES. (a) Except as otherwise provided by Section 757.005, a gate in a fence or wall enclosing a pool yard as required by Section 757.003 must:(1) have a self-closing and self-latching device;


    Thank you,

    Steve G. Hinojosa

    Stingray President 

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