End of Summer Zoom meetings coming!

    Stingray Family, 

    I hope that this email finds you well! This has been a summer like no other, and it makes me so sad that we didn't get to have a season. I know that it can be very difficult to stay active, especially now that restrictions are high again. Exercise is important, so make sure to check out the workouts on the Shady Hollow Stingray YouTube page! All of us coaches have missed y'all so much that we wanted an opportunity to see the kid's faces before the end of summer! We will hold Zoom calls for each age group on Monday and Tuesday of next week; here's the schedule: 

    Monday (7/27) 9am: 6 & Unders 10am: 8 & Unders 11am: 10 & Unders

    Wednesday (7/28) 9am: 12 & Unders 10am: 13 & Up 
    An email with a link to the Zoom call will be emailed to each age group closer to the time of the meeting. The coaches are excited to see your faces! Go Mighty Stingrays!
    - Lilly Shaw 
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