Stingray Scholarship for the class of 2020

    Congratulations graduates of 2020, we missed you this swim season. Many of you heading to college in the Fall have been part of the Stingrays since you were young or when you moved to the neighborhood. Each year the Stingrays give scholarships to our graduating class and this year is no exception.

    To apply for the scholarship, go to our website https://shadyhollow.swimtopia.com/ and click on the "library" tab, then “forms”, then download the “Stingray Scholarship form”. The essay accompanying your application should be 1) explaining your interests, future goals and why you deserve the scholarship or 2) a letter to a new Stingray swimmer giving them advice on how to be the best swimmer and teammate and why you deserve the scholarship. Please have your completed application, essay and other attachments required to the Stingray Board (SHStingrayScholorship@gmail.com) no later than August 8, 2020. We wish you the best of luck as you move into this new chapter of your life. Remember, you will always be a Shady Hollow Stingray! 

    - Stingray Board

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