Stingray Elections

    Hello Stingray Families,

    The swim season is just around the corner and in preparation for the new season, its time to elect officers. Every year we have elections for two of the positions on your Stingray Board. This year elections are to be held for the positions of President and Secretary.

    What should you expect if you find yourself elected to the Stingray Board. First, you should be aware that the positions meet 1-3 times per month prior to the start of the season(starting in January) and weekly once the season starts. Make no mistake, it is a significant commitment of time on the part of those who serve.  The President generally oversees the strategic direction of the team, is involved with hiring coaching staff, coordinates meetings of board members as well as recruiting lead volunteers.  The President is also tasked with interacting with the leadership of other teams in the Capital City Summer League regarding planning and rules changes.  

    The Secretary keeps the written record of all of our meetings.  They also help keep us on track with the purchase of our team swimsuits and year end trophies.  In addition both positions vote on everything that comes before the board.  These are important positions. Currently, we have one candidate for President (Steve Hinojosa) and one candidate for Secretary (Kraig Bonzek).  Steve has been our meet director for several years now and Kraig has been a Zookeeper for both 6 and under, and 8 and under girls.  

    So the plan is to seek out anybody else who would like to run for election for either President or Secretary. In the event that we have multiple people interested in these positions, an election will be held. If there are no other people with an interest in running for either of these positions, then the existing candidates will be declared the winners and immediately begin to serve on the board. I ask that if anyone else wants to run for these positions, please email me prior to 5PM on February 9th. 

    I will end this by saying thanks to Rebecca Shaw (our outgoing secretary), as well as Ann Weitzman (Vice President for 3 years) and Roberto Ruiz(treasurer for 1 year and development director for 3 years).  Both Ann and Roberto are stepping off the board because life is getting really busy.  When you see these good people, you might want to thank them.  They have freely given of their time and talent to make the Stingrays the best experience possible for all of us.  

    Geoff Lawson

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